IPPAWARDS, 2018 아이폰 사진 수상작

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대상 Jashim Salam, Bangladesh, Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year 

“Rohingya children watching an awareness film about health and sanitation near Tangkhali refugee camp in Ukhiya.”

Location: Ukhiya, Bangladesh, Shot on iPhone 7

최근 캐나다에 거주하는 가족이 생기면서 신기한 경험을 했다. 이러한 경험은 –13시간이라는 시간차에서 비롯하는 당연한 현상인데, 내가 경험한 지금의 시간이 13시간 후에는 가족이 경험하는 시간이 된다는 것이다. 마치 데자뷰처럼 똑같은 하루의 반복이랄까, 덕분에 대화를 나누고 있으면 그전보다 하루를 좀 더 곱씹어 보게 되는 빈도가 늘었다. 그런 생각에 이르면 자연스레 ‘동시대’의 의미는 무엇일지 반추하게 된다. 내가 경험하는 현재의 이 시간을 또 다른 누군가는 어떤 경험으로 채울지 문득 궁금해지는 것이다.


전체 1위 Alexandre Weber, Switzerland, 1st Place, Photographer of the Year
<Baiana in yellow and blue>

The picture was taken in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, spontaneously, after a truck drove by. The woman with traditional clothes of a “baiana”, was looking after the truck, during her work break.”

Location: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, Shot on iPhone 6S


전체 2위, Huapeng Zhao, China, 2nd Place, Photographer of the Year
<Eye to eye>

“I met this boy while walking at the seaside. When I was trying to take a picture of him, he put the fish he caught in front of his eye.“

Location: YanTai ShanDong province, China, Shot on iPhone 6


전체 3위, Zarni Myo Win, Myanmar, 3rd Place, Photographer of the Year
<I want to play>

“A young boy who lost his leg was watching his friends play soccer, and he said he wanted to play soccer if he could.”

Location: Yangon, Myanmar, Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


2nd Place-Abstract , Edwin Loyola, Philippines
<The Union of Colors>

“Taken in one of Philippines biggest malls. I was strolling around the mall, and was amazed with the colors and patterns”

Location: Mall of Asia, Philippines, Shot on iPhone X


2nd Place – Animals, Katie Wall, United Kingdom
<0 to not-quite-Seagull-speed in 60 seconds>

“Enjoying a near empty beach on a particularly windy day, our whippets were enjoying the wide open spaces to zoom around us in huge circles, chasing distant seagulls.”

Location: New Brighton, Wirral, UK, Shot on iPhone 7


3rd Place – AnimalsErica Wu, Taiwan
<Smiling Fox>

“This fox was sleeping inside the box and poked his head out to enjoy the sunshine during the snowing season.”

Location: Miyagi Zao Fox Village, Japan, Shot on iPhone X


2nd Place – ArchitectureKuangLong Zhang, China
<Jameh Mosque of Isfahan>

“This one of the oldest mosques in Iran and is the result of continual construction, reconstruction, additions and renovations on the site from around 771 C.E. to the end of the 20th century.”

Location: Ispahan, Iran, Shot on iPhone 7


3rd Place – ChildrenSavadmon Avalachamveettil, Ireland

“I took this photo last year, in August of 2017. I couldn’t resist taking few pictures as the sky and the light on the field looked extraordinary and the girls on top of the hay bale made it super special.”

Location: Fermoy, Cork, Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


1st Place – FloralAlison Helena, United States

“I was parking to do my weekly grocery shopping and saw the amazing light on the wall and flowers”

Location: Santa Barbara, Ca


1st Place – LandscapeCharles Thomas, United States
<Human vs. Nature>

“I’ve always been fascinated with the view out of an airplane window. On this afternoon, I was lucky enough to get a window seat on a return trip from Las Vegas. I watched the landscape slowly transform from cityscape to rows of identical suburban houses, to surreal desert- scape.”

Location: Between Nevada and Arizona, Shot on iPhone 8 Plus


1st Place – LifestyleNatalia Garcés, Spain
<Mrs. Sancheski>

“This day I opened my second exhibition, there was a lot of atmosphere and good friends. Mrs. Sancheski is the mother of three children, unique, urban and stylish.“

Location: Alcalá de Henares , Madrid, Spain, Shot on iPhone 7


3rd Place – NaturePeng Ju Tang, China

“Icebergs of Qaasuitsup Kommune.”

Location: Ilulissat, Greenland, Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


2nd Place – News/EventsMoises Silva, Bazil
<The Heat>

Location: Betim, Brazil, Shot on iPhone 5S


1st Place – PanoramaMateusz Piesiak, Poland

“In summer the sun is above the horizon nearly all day where Vatnajökull glacier meets the Atlantic Ocean.”

Location: Iceland, Shot on iPhone 6 Plus


그런 맥락에서 매해 개최되는 아이폰 콘테스트 수상작이 흥미롭게 다가온다. 누군가는 ‘동시대’와 ‘아이폰 사진’이 어떤 연관성을 갖는지 의문을 제기할 수도 있지만, 동시대를 사는 이들이 각자의 아이폰으로 촬영한 순간을 공유한다는 것은 그 의미가 특별하다. 내가 경험해 볼 수 없는 타인의 세상을 아이폰에 달린 조그마한 렌즈를 통해 목격할 수 있기 때문이다. 그리고 올해 11년째를 맞이한 <IPPAWARDS>는 매년 상반기마다 약 18개의 카테고리를 세분화하여 아이폰으로 촬영한 사진의 수상작을 발표하고 있다. 그리고 곧 2019 <IPPAWARDS> 접수가 마무리된다. 만약 당신에게 아이폰과 함께한 특별한 순간이 있다면, 그 아름다운 동시간을 많은 이에게 공유해볼 수 있길 바란다.


2nd Place – PeopleLee Yu Chieh, Taiwan

“I took this shot of a woman in traditional clothes, in a baren landscape.”

Location: Cusco, Peru


2nd Place – PortraitKuangLong Zhang, China
<The Tibetan Woman>

“Every year, there are a lot of Tibetans going to Lhasa in Tibet for pilgrimages from distant places. It takes a very long time to reach Lhasa, several months or even several years. After arriving in Lhasa, some people have no money to return to their hometowns.”

Location: Lhasa City, Tibet, Shot on iPhone 7


3rd Place – Still LifeXiangQi Kong, China
<Green in a Corner>

“A discarded chair among some neglected wild plants, near an underground garage. Nature and manufactured in a bustling metropolis.”

Location: Beijing Shi, China, Shot on iPhone 6


3rd Place – SunsetRuslan Zabulonov, Ukraine
<Sunset vibes>

“Children are having fun in the fountain on a hot summer day.”

Location: Ukraine, Kiev, Shot on iPhone 6



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